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Helping children in big kid stage adapt for the academic environment

Parents should tell children about the academic environment as friends, teachers, school facilities and knowledge to encourage them go to school.

This step is important because the difference between the elementary and kindergarten. Instead of having most of activities like singing, dancing, drawing,.. In kindergarten, your kids will get shock with all different changes in elementary. So, to avoid that feeling and make them eager to take into the new environment, there are some ways parents should know to prepare for their first day of school .

1. Prepare for the First day

Prepare for the first day at school is an important issues, that will encourage children go to school, be positive in learning and take into some activities at school. Telling activities take place at school by humorous way, children will not feel strange to start their new knowledge journey.

2. Nurturing knowledge interests for children.

Studying is a main activity of pupils. The effect of this activity belongs to the knowledge interests of children. Therefore, parents should nurture this interest step by step.

In the process to get up some activities for children, especially, entertainment activities, you should make it how to enliven their curiosity, exploration by some situations in these activities to let kids thinking, analyzing and finding out the answers. Besides, in daily life, have you tried telling your kids all new things about the world around them by TV, newspapers and magazines,.. to encourage them to explore more.

3. Enlivening the child’s curiosity with school

The child’s curiosity with school just starts when children realize school is the place where they get all the answers for their questions they wonder about and want to be explained. Therefore, parents need to tell them know that when they go to school, they will know a lot of interesting things.

Besides, you should tell them know studying is a happiness. Going to school, they will meet friendly teachers, good friends, get exciting facilities and take into some school teams.

Sometimes, to answer some curious questions, parents should answer them like:”When going to school, you will know that” or “Reading books, you will have the answer”, “ This question is too hard, I don’t know , but your teacher will know and answer to you”… That is a good way to enliven your kid’s curiosity with school.

4. Help kids get acquainted with mind activities

Studying at school is an activity required the high activeness to get the knowledge, skills and behaviors in the study process. But, the passiveness is almost the main feature in mental activities of children. Examples: Kindergarteners are often not initiative in activities, especially, mind activities. They often do what they like, do something a little time and get bored, then do another things. They seem less concentrate on one thing totally. So, this feature is not suitable in an academic environment.

Therefore, how making the activeness in mental activities, especially in cognitive activity of children, firstly, parents needs help children know to pay attention when doing something, especially cognitive problems. Throughout that way, the passive mental process will become to the active one, the passive sense becomes the active sense, the passive memory becomes the active memory.

While organizing activities, parents and teachers need to make some conditions to help kids change gradually passive behaviors to active behaviors. That is totally could be used in some lessons or entertainment activities by suggesting kids some specific tasks, especially, cognitive tasks. Example is telling the story they’ve just heard, describing something they ‘ve just seen or drawing a picture,..

Besides, you need to guide kids know to pay attention in the necessary time in some specific things like how long to eat, how long to play,.. to prevent the woolgathering, the distraction and the lack of concentration.

5. Teaching your kids know to observe things and phenomenon around them

This is an active sense really essential for studying activities. While observing things, parents should guide your kids know purposes, methods and some usual facilities like using their senses.By suggesting some opened questions, parents could help kids find out the attributes of objects, the hidden attributes, especially, describe the object’s specific attributes.

Parents should let children play the comparison games between some pictures have the same content and figure but be different in some details, or describe more specifically some events happened daily in their life… That is the way to enliven the observation development of children really effectively.

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