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Top 10 common toddler’s diseases


Diarrhea is a one of common diseases toddler often gets. The reason could be inflection or food doesn’t digest and drink too much fruit juice. You should care your toddler at home and let him drink plenty of water until he gets better. Do not let him eat food made from milk or food with roughage and lipid. You should call a doctor if your toddler don’t feel better within 24 hours or your toddler is under 6 months of age and he has some symptom like fever above 38.5oC, vomit , bloody diarrhea , black stool and abdominal pain.  


In toddler age, lightly fever is also a sign of the serious inflection. Call a doctor immediately if your toddler is under 3 months of age and his temperature measured in the bottom (rectally) is above 38oC, or a toddler from 3 to 6 months has temperature above 38.5oC. Some symptoms you should watch out like earache, cough, sleepy, rash, vomit or diarrhea. You should make your toddler feel more comfortable by drinking plenty of water, sponging with lukewarm water and wearing a layer of lightweight clothes. Call a doctor for asking about what kinds of medicine to make fever fall down.

Constipation in Toddler

Some toddlers have a bowel movement many times per day and another have many days for a bowel movement. Don’t worry if your toddler doesn’t often go to bathroom like you want. The constipation in toddler has some symptoms like having rough stool or getting hurt when having a bowel movement. Doctor will suggest you help your toddler drink plenty of water or adding plum juice in baby’s water bottle. If he still has constipation or he has some another symptoms like abdominal pain or vomit, you should call a doctor immediately.

Rash in Toddlers

Toddler’s skin is so sensitive. Toddler could be rash with small white spots or red itchy marks. To prevent diaper rash, you should change baby’s diaper often and use salve on toddler‘s bottom. If your toddler has eczema, do not use a strong soap and retain skin moisture. Most of rashes are not dangerous, but you should call a doctor if your child gets hurt seriously or has fever.

Cough in Toddlers

Toddler has many kinds of cough. Barking cough is like a barking seal could be the inflammation in the larynx. Cough with fever is often caused by a cold, but high fever could be pneumonic. Cough with wheezingcould be a sign of asthma or the viral infection bronchiolitis. Toddler has whooping cough often has whooping sounds at the end of coughing. Let him drink plenty of water and place a cool-mist humidifier in his bedroom to reduce all those symptoms. Do not let your toddler use cough medicine.

Abdominal pain 

Long lasting crying, curling body up or vomiting are the symptoms of the abdominal pain. It could be caused by stomachache, gastro-esophageal reflux disease or indigestible food, viruses or some another reasons. Toddlers could have these symptoms when eating strange foods. All of abdominal pain symptoms are not dangerous and it will be better by itself. If disease doesn’t reduce or your child still vomitsand has diarrhea or high fever, you should call a doctor right now.

Teething pain

In 6 months of age, the first little teeth of child will break through gum. Teething pain could make your child distress, so you should let him something to chew to reduce teething pain symptoms. A cool face cloth or teething ring is a good way to reduce it. Gently massaging on toddler’s gum by your hand can make him feel better.

Abdominal bloating pain

Belching, crying and bloating are signs of abdominal bloating pain. Abdominal bloating doesn’t look like the stomachache, it makes toddlers cry for a long time, belch often and eat slowly. Toddlers get abdominal bloating by eating high roughage or lipid food or drink too much fruit juice. The habitlike running around and eating makes him swallow more air, so you should take him sit in place while eating.

Stuffy nose in toddler

When toddler gets a cold, he could get stuffy nose. Do not let your child under 4 month use any kinds of medicine bought in private pharmacy. You should use saline (salt water liquid bought in the pharmacy) to squirt into toddler’s nose. This liquid will make dilute the mucus of his nose, and then you use the bulb syringe to suck out it. You also use squeeze saline bottle before going to sleep to make your child breath easily.


Toddlers often vomit after eating, but vomiting a lot or many times you should take him to hospital. Vomiting and diarrhea could be a sign of viral infection. The child vomits a lot can be the dehydration (loss of water), so you always help your baby drink a little water. If he still vomits in many hours, or vomit and have fever or be serious dehydration, you should call a doctor right now.

Be calm when your child gets illness

Most of parents worry seriously when their children get illness or have some abnormal symptoms, so you must be calm in this case. Believe in your experience but always beware all abnormal signs to realize as soon as possible serious symptoms and call a doctor or take them to hospital. Some common signs you should know like eating less, lethargic feeling, unarousable, have trouble in breathing, stiff neck and have high fever.

Top 10 common toddler’s diseases Reviewed by Unknown on 5/01/2015 Rating: 5 Diarrhea  Diarrhea is a one of common diseases toddler often gets. The reason could be inflection or food doesn’t digest and drink t...

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