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8 pregnant discomforts and solutions

Pregnancy is one of the wonderful things that a mother spends on her life. However, pregnant mothers can also experience some very uncomfortable symptoms as below. I am going to list top 8 discomforts and solutions for them.

1. Morning sickness

Morning sickness and nausea are common symptoms during early stage of pregnancy. Tiredness can make the symptom more serious. Most mothers have found vomiting because of some kinds of smells. The solutions are that mothers should never eat too much or let their stomach empty. They should eat some cookies after getting up, avoiding food and smells making them vomit. Moreover, they should eat less at every meal, but many miles every day. Sometimes, mothers lose weight because of vomiting. In that case, they may mothers may need medical supports from doctors.

2. Constipation

The increase of progesterone hormone leads to this discomfort. You may feel very nervous every time you need to answer the call of nature, worrying that the contraction may affect your babies. If experiencing this, you should eat food high in fiber and drink more water. It is advised that mothers go to the toilet whenever you your bodies ask for it. Also, doing exercises is a good solution for the trouble.

3. Cramping 

Canxi shortage may cause this. Muscles of legs, feet contract; making it extremely difficult to move. This happens more frequently at night time. Mother should massage the contraction area, and try to walk once possible to encourage blood circulation. Mothers should eat food rich in canxi and go to the doctors if it becomes serious.

4. Hemorrhoids

You may feel painful and bleeding when going to stool. The solutions are that you try to heal cramping before it gets more serious, avoid standing for a long time. If the disease lasts long, mothers should get doctors’ help. Normally, mother with not very serious hemorrhoids will recover without medical help after giving birth.

5. Burnt skin

An increase in pigment under the skin is normally observed during pregnancy. Moles, scars and freckles with dark color often appear. Basically, these will disappear after your giving birth. Preventing their skin from direct and intensive sunlight as well as using sunscreen or doing making up to hide these burns are the solutions mothers should take.

6. Rash 

Fat and sweating women often experience this. Rash often occurs in folded or sweating skin. Mothers should keep their bodies clean and dry, wearing loose clothes, which can absorb sweat quickly, or they can get advice from doctors for suitable creams.

7. Agita

Gastric acid refluxes back to esophagus (the tube leading down to the stomach). Consequently, you feel sore in the middle of the chest. To stay away from this, mother should avoid eating oily and spicy food. At night, try drinking a glass of hot milk and using extra pillows for the head.

8. Back pain

Because of baby’s weight, the muscles of your back and pelvis stretch, leading to backache. Mothers should avoid carrying heavy things and avoid standing up suddendtly. Mothers should wear sandals instead of high heels.

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