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Some developments in big kid stage

What is the big-kid stage?

A big kid is a stage when your child is from 5 to 8 ages, means they’re in between kindergarten and third grade. There is less trouble at home and more issues at school and in social they get. You should know more information about development of this age and help your kids approach more new experiences as interests, social needs and academic developments.

Physical Development

Wearing clothes or taking it off by themselves

Could be getting farsightedness and this is a common symptom because of the combination disorder between kid’s hands and eyes

Go to the bathroom alone.

Could be getting stomachache or vomit when they have to eat what they don’t like. Besides, they often prefer simple daily meals with different kinds of food. Some kids want a bigger portion for their meal.

Do everything at first time always spend a lot of time, do not anxious and let them try.

Take them go to a hospital when finding out that symptom. You should be calm and accept those weird actions as the common things often happen in this development stage of children.

Help and courage them eat more kinds of food but do not force them to eat. Because that makes your kids have negative feeling with eating.

Thinking Development

They will pronounce lisp and stammer when they get nervous or feel tired.

In this stage, kids just do which things they think they can finish it completely and learn the way to obey the rules and parent’s observation.

Have ability to recognize colors, numbers, and know what kinds of coins is or write a letter and learn to read.

Do not serious worry about that language disorder in this case, because it is a short-time phenomenon.

Teach them some essential skills and make more conditions for your kids succeed in what things they do.

Take them go outside places like stores, restaurants, markets and make them a chance to write by themselves names of relatives, beloved people, things, animals,. ( Try with short names first)   

Social Development

Maybe get worried when they don’t see their mother. Because they think a mother is really a center of their world.

Imitate like their parents and people around them , especially like to hear compliments.

Play with boyfriends and girlfriends, always be calm and friendly, not require too much and should have close friend and friend’s group although they like to play with same sexuality friends.

Kids like to talk to others in the meals.

Realize how different between two sexuality and be modest.

Concern about where the baby comes.

If they don’t like to go to school, they will retch or vomit.

Obey the rules, laws and criticized people do not make rights.

Reduce the absence at home till they know and aware about what you do.

Make them believe themselves and more confident.

Make more conditions to let them play with their friends.

Let them ask and you should answer some suddenly their questions. 

Do not make them embarrassed when they concern about sexuality and help them know about themselves.

Explain for your kid simple and exactly.

Encourage them to go to school by telling about some interesting activities they will get at school.

Help them know about the different personal worth.

Emotional Development

In general, children in this stage are honest and quick suitable.

They easily get scared something like: shadow, falling or dogs. Besides, they could have a fear of getting injured though that rarely happens in this age.

Always respect their opinions.

Do not ignore all their fears.

If your kids get tired, worried or feel sad, they will have some behaviors like: nail biting, eye wink, cough, sniffing, or finger sucking.

Do pleasing to people around them.

Easily get embarrassed or shyness

Do not be worried seriously when you see those children’s behaviors. These are normal and common reaction. So, you should find out the reasons make them get worried and help them solve the problems. Besides, manage your child’s time to have more free time they take a rest and play games or tell them a story. 

Show them how much you love them by encourage and award when they have good behaviors.

Remember what makes them embarrassed and help them avoid that case.

Moral Development

Want to be a good child, but sometimes he tells a lie or criticized others. They do that because they like to make people pleasing and prove what they do are all right.

Want to do things supposed right and avoid what things they think wrong. 

Do not get shocked when your kids tell lies. A lie is not a serious problem at this age. Instead of, you should teach them about responsibility in each thing they do.

Encourage them to do what they believe. Do not punish them because they‘re not good all the time you want.

Some developments in big kid stage Reviewed by Unknown on 5/07/2015 Rating: 5 What is the big-kid stage? A big kid is a stage when your child is from 5 to 8 ages, means they’re in between kindergarten and third ...

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