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Your diet could be killing you

Rapid urbanization in developing countries, with more than half the world's population now lives in cities leads to less physical activity and  almost people apply style diet "The West diet". As incomes rise, people tend to choose foods high in calories and meat in their diet. The selection of diet and closely linked to health problems.

Potentially harmful effects on health and increase the risk of disease. Maybe you want to discover the secrets why a healthy diet is your make you sick and what you can do now to protect your precious health. Do you really know the ingredients in the food you and your family are eating. Or are you scared about what you're putting in your body because there is no definitive information that tells you the truth. One of the common diseases that you can get can include such as:

Obesity and diabetes

The global increase in diet rich in fat and calories are seeing rates of obesity and diabetes increased rapidly around the world, people who are obese have increased risk of developing diseases such as heart disease, stroke, cancer and conditions such as arthritis. A disease caused many dangerous implications should be warned globally

Rising obesity levels lead to an increase in the pressure placed on the joints. Linked to obesity, a disease with a high proportion of businesses globally increased diabetes. The development of type II diabetes is associated with diet and this figure is increasing in all countries.

Cancer risk

Recent researches have linked diets West with increased risk of cancer. Men who mainly eat the Western diet has been proven to have 2.5 times the risk of dying from diseases such as prostate cancer, colon cancer linked to revert, inflammatory bowel disease. In obese people you get different microorganisms produce the mutations affect cancer. Increased levels of inflammation can damage the cells in the affected area. Many cells replicate, creating more opportunities to cause mutations in genes increase the risk of cancer.

Disorder intestinal bacteria

Microbiology your gut plays an important role in health and well-being of not only your gut, but your entire body. Eating processed foods can cause the good bacteria in your gut ejected - leaving you more exposure to the bad ones.

Increasing risk of infection

The biggest culprits are foods containing fructose and politic acid, which can cause an immune response. The processed and refined foods, common in the Western diet, the body is not well received because it will make your immune system be changed, shuffling. Unbalanced immune system means that the immune cells will not be willing to fight when faced with a real infection.

Some foods have great health benefits but actually hides a lot of unpredictable dangers from within which you should keep in mind such as: Fruit Juices( buy at supermarket), Whole Wheat,  Agave Nectar,  Sports Drinks, Vegetable Oils, Low-Fat food, Gluten-Free Junk Foods,  Margarine And Fake Butters, Low Carb Junk Food, Breakfast Cereals…

A change in diet to cut exposure to the food ingredient can restore immune activity back to normal. Clearly, diet plays a major role in the health of a population and when it comes to improving personal health, the experts emphasized the need for people to pay more attention to what we eat every day.

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