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Formula feeding newborn: How to use baby formula safely

We cannot deny the health benefits of breastfeeding. Breast milk gives babies the best nutrition possible, protect against infection. Furthermore, Breastfeeding helps you bond with your baby and reduces the risk of ovarian cancer and breast cancer. If you and your baby are healthy and have enough milk, you may want to give breastfeeding a try, at least for the first month. Or then consider nursing and feeding formula.

If you are concerned about your choice, you can learn how to choose formula for children, what to consider when deciding to formula feeding, and how much your baby formula needs. Besides, you also need to learn about the basics bottle feeding, such as how to choose the best nipple and bottle..

How much formula your baby needs

Generally, children eat when hungry and stop when they're full. The formula-fed babies tend to be heavier than breastfed babies, different tastes among infants, and nutritional needs of each baby changing every day. Concern to formula feedings per day by age and weight of your baby.

Type of formula

The most common type of formula is soy milk or cow's formula. There are also categories dedicated to infants that are allergic to formula or soy, or a baby is born prematurely, have low birth weight.  Any formula you choose to consume more iron to prevent anemia. To learn more about choosing the right formula for your baby, please refer to the article and ask your doctor to get the best advice

There are several choices for the types of formula such as: Powdered, concentrated liquid, ready to feed liquid. Most mothers using powdered formula for convenience and low cost, which is the cheapest option and it is stored more easily. Check with your doctor about whether you can use tap water for mixing - it depends on the degree of purity and fluoridated where you live. The ready-to-eat liquid is more expensive but is a great choice for traveling or if there is no good water source.

Use baby formula safely

Preparing baby food is not difficult, but it's important to incorporate it in the appropriate ratio of formula to water to ensure that your baby is getting a lot of nutrients. In addition, because your child does not have much immunity to germs just yet, especially infants, it's important to take precautions to protect it from foodborne diseases. Here's what you need to know.

Always check the expiration date on milk cartons. The formula may not be safe for your baby if used expired.

Make sure that you use an iron-fortified formula during baby's first year. Iron is very important for the growth and development of the baby.

Keep milk cool but not frozen because heat and cold can degrade components and nutrients in milk, so leave it in a cool place.

Powdered formula has been opened only use it within one month.

Preparing formula

Wash bottle and nipple well.

Dry the top of the formula can before opening it.

Make your hands clean

Follow the preparation directions on the container exactly. Add water to the bottle first, and then add the powder. If you add milk at first, it will deflect the measurements.

Use clean and safe water at room temperature

You should not change the formula, this will make your baby will not get enough nutrients!

After finishing, close the lid on and shake the bottle so powder dissolved in water before feeding


If you're worried that your baby is eating too little or too much milk, talk with your doctor. The doctor may check the weight and growth of your baby, tell you if consumed by your baby with matching their weight and age or not, and advise you on any adjustments you may need to perform.

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