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Funny Activities For Preschoolers Play in Rainy Days

In rainy days, it’s hard to find some activities for your preschoolers do and have fun. Outdoor activities do not suit for this case because your child easily gets cold and you don’t want to worry about it. So, there are some simple funny games you and your kids can play and learn. Let’s try it.

1. Indoor obstacle game

In your house, there are a lots of things to make obstacle game. This game is a way makes your kids more active in rainy days. Use some chairs, table, rings or cushions to make some obstacle. Make anexample challenge like hopping in rings, then snake through the bottom of the table, throw balls in a basket and jump to get snacks. You can create this game with what you have at home and ask them for more ideas. Remember give presents for who completes the challenge.  

2. Theater in home

Make a stage when your kids prepare for their show. Firstly, you set up a place as a stage of theater. Use a blanket make a background of stage and place some pillows under it. Put flashlights between two pillows to make a light effect for stage. Besides, you can use a fan to make some wind effects for your kids stories more interesting. They will surprise and curious about the creative theater you make, so your kids definitely feel more confident and exciting to perform right now. The stage is done, the little actor and actress is ready, so what you do is bringing some popcorn, turn off the light and enjoy your kid’s show.

3. Make a scrapbook

At first, you and your child gatherold newspapers in home. Place all on the table and prepare safety scissors, glue and some pages. Then, you suggest a topic like animals, nature, color,… and let your kids find pictures on those newspapers.Let them cut out that and layout on a page . Final, you help them glue all pictures they choose and make collages together. This game is really funny and education for your preschoolers.
4. Hide and Seek

Indoor games list must have Hide and Seek, the classic game, people hide in while one person cover his eyes and counts aloud. Finish counting, he will go around and find where the others hide. Another version of game, hiders got caught will be with a seeker to find a secret place of another. This game is old but no children dislike it. Really fun and get your kids giggling.

5. Penny fall

Place a bowl in water tub, then put slowly penny one by one to make the bowl sink. The person make the bowl sink completely in water will lose. You can use another things instead of penny like lego pieces, buttons, clothespins,… This game is simple but really fun.

6. Touch and feel box

Prepare a box with a hole on the top that enough large to fit with one person’s hand, and then put something in it. Remember do not let your kids know what is in the box. Ask them touch and guess what this is. Change the role in turn to make game funnier. Your kids will be surprised to this game and learn more about shapes, materials and imagination.

7. Camping in the living room

If you have a tent , you will spend less time to have a place but do not worry when you don’t have it, you can make a personal tent by some blanket. Because children often prefer what makes them imagine more than normal.

How to make a blanket tent: What you need is blankets, chairs and clothespins. Drag a first sheet on a floor to make a place, after that, place chairs around 3 sides of sheet. Put another sheet on chairs to make a roof of tent and use clothespins to pin it to chairs. Do like that with 3 sides of tent and the end.

Remember brings some pillows, flashlights, snacks and soda to enjoy like real camping trip. Besides, you can combine with some games like darts or fishing and imagine as you and your child go hunting in forest.

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