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Factors affecting to old people’s health

When a human is getting older, it will lead to a change in lifestyle for most people and it is important to care for the spiritual as well as their physical. They become more sensitive to disease. However, much of the burden of disease in older people may be reduced or prevented by solving the full range of factors that may cause harm to their health. These factors can be listed such as:

Got injured

Falls and injuries can lead to severe consequences, causing illnesses and disabilities on older people. The risk of falling gradually increase over age. The fall injuries (such as bone fracture) often have to go to hospital and costly interventions, including rehabilitation, and caused a lot of functional limitations of the elderly, this can lead to the need to long-term caring.

The weakness of the elder people significantly increases the risk of falls, which can occur anywhere. Compelling evidence indicates that most of the falls are predicted and prevented. Some injured prevention measures proven effective in saving costs, and there are examples of successful implementation of strategies to prevent falls, supported by public policy.

Common diseases of aging

Poor nutrition, sedentary, smoking and drinking regularly is a major cause of the development of chronic diseases: diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, respiratory diseases, chronic and psychosis. To reduce and prevent disease, a healthy diet combined with regular physical activity, maintaining a normal body weight and avoiding tobacco use can help you extend the life.


Not everyone felt willing to retire at any time. If the job or career is an important part of your life, it can affect to their social aspects or feeling of self - value and dignity. However, it may be an opportunity to try a new activity or learn new skills and do what you've always wanted to do but never had time before.


Depression describes a variety of moods, from feeling a bit of a bad mood to feel out of to deal with daily life. It can influence anyone but older people severely affected than any other age group. The reason is because older people are more vulnerable because of factors such as: disability or illness; retirement / unemployment; become widowed or divorced; solitude and isolating etc..

The neurobiological changes as you age and genetic susceptibility (which consumption increases with age) are also influencing factors. There are a few neurological health issues that affect older people, including delirium, anxiety and schizophrenia. Learn more how to stop  depression.

Lose one’s mind

Dementia is a decrease in mental ability influence memory, thought, solve the problem, concentration and awareness. It occurs as a result of the death of brain cells or lesions in parts of the brain that deal with their thought processes. People with dementia can become confused and some also become restless or repetitive behavior. They may also seem cranky, full of tears or agitated or very sad with families and their friends.

Abuse of alcohol, stimulants

Although alcohol abuse is a problem for people of all ages, but the reason for alcohol abuse in older age include bereavement and other losses, solitude, physical illness, disability and pain, loss of independence, boredom and depression. Retirement can also cause  depressed so they drink too much. Elder abuse is known to be abused physically, sexually, mentally financing by people aged 60 and older. Abuse affects both mental and physical well-being of older people, and if not controlled, reduced quality of life and survival.

Taking care of old people

People with dementia is difficult to communicate and make decisions and they need the help of other people. Family members or caregivers should pay attention to the feeling, listen carefully to old people. To care for the elderly has never been easy at all, should a patient and meticulous, with love for old people.

Factors affecting to old people’s health Reviewed by Unknown on 6/16/2015 Rating: 5 When a human is getting older, it will lead to a change in lifestyle for most people and it is important to care for the spiritual as we...

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