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Top 10 foods to help you lose weight fast

We all know that diet and exercise are part of weight loss but you have to know what foods are most effective to help you lose weight fast?

Food plays an important role in the beauty and weight loss for us. If you want to lose weight effectively, do not forget to add these foods to help lose weight following

1. Eggs

Egg yolk can help you lose weight. Instead of bread in the morning, you should eat bread with eggs and yogurt to provide enough energy for your body throughout the day without worry of obesity, because the protein in eggs makes you feel full and eat less at the meal later in the day.

2. Protein

Additional foods rich in protein with each meal and powdered sugar levels are beneficial for healthy weight loss. Protein also helps you full longer and help keep blood sugar balance,  which helps prevent overeating and weight gain. Choosing healthy protein rich foods include raw nuts, fish, chicken, eggs and beans.

3. Red beans

Red beans are foods rich in the vitamin B group, support treatment of diabetes, reduce blood cholesterol levels and reduce constipation. Moreover, regularly eat red beans also eliminates impurities unprofitable, and fat from the body. Red beans act as an effective weight loss drug

4. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are considered weight loss foods, Fruits rich in fiber and vitamin C, A, very low in calories and help you lose special it was at least 2kg in 1 month.. To ensure effective promotion possible, you should eat a tomato 1 before each meal, or 2 tomatoes before dinner.

5. Yogurt

According to nutrition experts, the yogurt is one of the most perfect foods, because it provides enough protein and vegetable fats necessary for the body. In addition, yogurt keeps blood sugar stable so can prevent your hunger.

6. Peppers

Add peppers into meals can help speed up your metabolism. Peppers also contain antioxidants and boost immunity, vitamin C and beta-carotene.

7. Nuts

Selection of fiber-rich foods to lose weight fast. Cereals gives you a feeling of fullness after eating, so you are less likely to eat foods that are not healthy. Foods rich in fiber and GI (carbohydrates) low. Eating low GI foods is beneficial for helping to keep blood sugar levels balanced to lose weight.

8. Green tea 

Drinking several cups of green tea per day! Very effective for weight loss. Green tea is rich in antioxidants, help increase energy levels and may increase the heat.

9. Oranges

According to the research of scientists, orange fruits with the highest rank in the list of foods that make no sense. Furthermore, orange fiber can help you lose fat and get firmer muscles. In addition to the role weight loss, it also is a source of calcium, vitamins and minerals abundant.

10. Tofu

Tofu is also considered a high-protein vegetarian foods, therefore eat more when you feel full longer. Tofu can also help dispel fat in your abdomen. Based on this benefit, you can eat tofu instead of the main food in the diet. This is one of those foods effective in reducing weight and get in shape for your slim.

Top 10 foods to help you lose weight fast Reviewed by Unknown on 4/24/2015 Rating: 5 We all know that diet and exercise are part of weight loss but you have to know what foods are most effective to help you lose weight...

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