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Sex after giving birth

The physical recovery of women after giving birth.

In pregnant women, the uterus reaches its maximum in the day the baby was born, it is also widening perineum, vagina - vagina expands when the baby passes. Two weeks after birth, the uterus shrinks back at 3 months of pregnancy, the cervix is closed and lochia also comes to an end. The following four weeks, related organs also come back normal size.

Typically, cycle comes back very late after giving birth, it may slow to 6 months after stopping breastfeeding. However, in some cases, the cycle can come back very soon, maybe four weeks after giving birth. Therefore, couples should necessarily choose a suitable contraceptive even when breastfeeding.

Why should abstain four to six weeks after giving birth?

If having sex when you do not run out of lochia or cervix is not closed, the woman is at risk of infection. There is a danger of having sex soon after giving birth is that other air embolism due. There have been deaths due to complications. Therefore, scientists recommend that you should have sex at least 4 to 6 weeks after pregnancy.

Woman caesarean tends to have sex earlier than women who gave birth vaginally, women who breastfeed reduce sexual interest than non-lactating. In addition, women often have vaginal delivery episiotomy at birth should be to wound healed (takes 2-4 weeks) new pain.

The reason why women after pregnancy reduce sexual interest.

- Hormone: sexual hormone of women decreases rapidly after giving birth, especially in lactating women, the inhibition of hormone production also lasts several months.

- Fatigue: new born baby occupies most of the mother’s time. Staying late at night to breastfeed, doing many chores so costly health, so the woman needs more time to sleep and nutrition to recover health.

-Time: Life turned upside down everything. The time for the couple having sex is difficult, there is not much chance.

- Muscle can: Woman feels a lot of changes in her body and her husband also feel these changes. Lactating breasts also changes: tenderness, nipple cracks, or sweating ...

- Anxiety: The woman is the obsession with the pain of labor, perineal pain to 6 weeks after birth. Especially if breastfeeding hormones decline will lead to vaginal dryness makes them feel no pain when desire and intimacy.

Preparing for sexual activity back.

- Measures to prevent pregnancy: It is necessary to choose an effective contraceptive method. If the woman is not breastfeeding, she should use oral contraceptives were taken before pregnancy.

Lactating should not use oral contraceptives, should take contraceptive measures in place (park vaginal condom??) and intrauterine snooze.

- Care perineal wound: Should health care in place to heal wounds: perineal soaking in hot water and disinfectant daily, use a clean tampon every 4-6 hours, reduced ice perineal pain, do not sit or stand for long term.

- Spend more time: Try to wait until the time relaxed, stable boy, the woman had time to rest, the spirit of both spouses is comfortable.

- It ought to start slowly: women should confide with her husband about things to worry such as Appetite, pain, or fatigue. Everything is new, couples have to start over.

- Use a lubricant: because of hormone reducing, women’s vaginal become dry, so it is necessary to use lubricant to have sex easier.

- Another problem: Select the appropriate sexual positions, a bra to avoid loss of milk during sex.

Sex after giving birth Reviewed by Unknown on 4/26/2015 Rating: 5 The physical recovery of women after giving birth. In pregnant women , the uterus reaches its maximum in the day the baby was born, it...

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