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Positive pregnancy test: Now what?

Nowadays, do the test pregnancy is very easy and convenient. Most women would rather buy a test kit and have done at home rather than see a doctor. Even while planning a pregnancy, many women have to face with major problems: What to do after a positive pregnancy test? It seems just a little scared. Especially for first time pregnancies, there is an amazing amount of information to sort through. What should you be doing now, and what should you stop doing immediately? Everyone, especially those who have experienced, have their own bits of the advice and wisdom to add, make information overload or even worse. Here are some common issues that you have to do when the test is positive!

Visiting to your doctor or midwife immediately

You need to see them as soon as possible in order for you get the right prescriptions that you need to take especially during the early stage of pregnancy. While you are waiting for your first prenatal appointment, don't hesitate to call your doctor's office with any questions you may have about symptoms or concerns such as  medications you are currently taking, worrisome symptoms, daily diet, chronic health conditions..The nurses and doctors who deal with pregnant women every day understand your concerns. .The nurses and doctors who deal with pregnant women every day understand your concerns and they will give you helpful advice.

Whom to share news?

Perhaps you've tried to get pregnant for a long time, and you are super excited for this moment! Or perhaps the time has come as a shock to you, and you're not sure what you are doing. These feelings are usual and understandable, it may be very useful to discuss your pregnancy with someone - your husband or partner, relative, or a close friend. You need to celebrate in your own way. By having fun, you reduce stress and relax, it's good for you and the baby.

Learning about pregnancy

Look through things such as pregnancy calendar and follow your pregnancy week by week updates, read books about what to expect during your pregnancy, register for a class of reproductive knowledge, and read up on foods to avoid while you are pregnant, etc .. This will give you a bit of knowledge to start making the appropriate decisions for you and your baby.

Taking care of yourself

To keep you and your baby healthy during your pregnancy, here some useful advice for you:

Getting a good night's sleep
Maintain and develop a plan for a healthy diet. Consuming large amounts of protein, whole grain cereals, fruits and vegetables is necessary for your health and your growing baby. Foods rich in folic acid is beneficial, especially early in pregnancy. Do not eat undercooked or uncooked or fish, and unpasteurized cheese. Wear gloves when exposed with raw meat.
Take a prenatal vitamin every day, check with your doctor before taking any medicines.
Do not smoke, drink alcohol, or use drugs. All of these behaviors can cause permanent damage to you and your baby. Limit the use of caffeine, artificial sweeteners.
Doing exercise during and after pregnancy is beneficial to both you and your baby. Getting regular physical activity encourages good overall exercise, which results in a healthy way to encourage a big pregnancy, easier labor and healthy baby.
Listening to your body's signals, whether it be morning sickness or exhaustion, will help you cope more easily with symptoms of pregnancy.

Having a baby will mean for your future

Women will have to face a huge change in the future. Being a mother is a special and rewarding gift, but it will lead to some major changes in your life so you need to prepare carefully for it.
You have to consider your job and your home, wondering they are suitable for you and your baby? You'll need to discuss with your  partner, or family what your future goals are so you can work together on a plan to help you reach them.

After all, it only lasts for about nine or ten months, you will officially become a mother. Pregnancy is a wonderful time to attend parenting classes, reading books and magazines, and talk to other moms about parenting methods. Do not be so embarrassed and anxious, especially with the first pregnancy.

There are many organizations to help you prepare and support service for your future. Plan in advance and prepare a little bit each month will help you prevent that frightened feeling toward the end of pregnancy.

Positive pregnancy test: Now what? Reviewed by Unknown on 4/26/2015 Rating: 5 Nowadays, do the test pregnancy is very easy and convenient. Most women would rather buy a test kit and have done at home rather than ...

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